Monique Santander was born in Chile, in the shadows of the Andes mountains. She came to New York City in 1979 to pursue her creative dreams. 

She has an extensive background in textile print design. Her prints have been used in fashion and design for clothing, furniture, and household decor. 

Her abstract art is known internationally for its expression

in color, form, and movement. 

Monique’s art has been shown in Chile, Germany, Mexico, Greece, Canada, and the US, including Manhattan, Miami, and San Diego. Currently, her work is exhibited in galleries, corporate offices, and homes worldwide.  Ms. Santander’s paintings have also been featured in art magazines. 

She paints intuitively and spontaneously, arranging layers of colors, textures, and designs that reflect her spiritual and emotional life. 

She draws her inspiration from a spiritual pull that can be described as trance-like. She prefers to work in abstract, unreal forms rather than pure symbolic representations of reality since it reflects her interior imagining and visions more closely. 

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