Ever since I was a little girl, growing up in Santiago, Chile, I knew that my world was filled with this unbound energy. I was born bursting with it. I was guided by raw, expanding desire to assert it.

It is this type of explosive exuberance that carried me into the depth of my soul when I arrived in New York City to pursue my art. Intertwined with my ups and downs on New York journey, this energy liberated me to paint fearlessly from my heart.

Expressed in mixed media, free flowing, through my hand it is unstoppable. Pulsating in me, in mixing colors, this energy transforms them. Unleashing new sensations, It captures the wind, an instant of the moment and life itself. It empowers me to tell my story viscerally, transcending words and daring the concept of time.

Surrounded by the infinity of nature and vastness of the ocean in my new environment, I feel profoundly inspired to birth new rhythms and scales that are intricately attuned to the alive vibrancy of the land all around me. I listen to this new beat, I become one with it, I share it.”

Monique Santander is a Chilean American artist, who is established in Solana Beach since 2015. She came to United States in 1979, pursuing her creative dream in New York City. She has extensive background in textile print design and sales worldwide. Her abstract art is known internationally for her expression in color, form and movement. Monique has exhibited in Chile, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Canada and at various galleries in Miami Beach, Manhattan as well as throughout the Hamptons.

– Monique Santander-Gruen